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Google Will launch Google Pay Services in Pakistan

by Sadia Liaqat
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Google Will launch Google Pay Services in Pakistan

Google visited Pakistan and had on meeting with the Minister of information and technology. The team highlighted and share their plans of launching digital skills training program in the country and prospective launch of Google pay services.

The Google Pay Services bit was picked up from the general discussion and circulated over the media that Google is going to launch its Google Pay Services in Pakistan.

Google Pay links with your credit and debit cards and permit you to pay, exchange cash at vendors which acknowledge installments through Google Pay technology, or individuals who are also using enacted Google Pay. In this way, consider it a wallet where the majority of your credit and charge cards are set and you can pick and pay through those cards carefully with a layer of Google Payment administrations.

Now many people in Pakistan use and have credit and check cards? 40M as it were. It is the amassed number of ATM, Debit and Credit Cards being discharged by money related administrations in the nation. Presently how about we take a gander at India. According to information of January 2018, India has discharge 846.7 million check cards and 36.24 million Visas. Google has been focused on India market and attempting to use the populace size to get the following 1 billion populace on the web.

Google rebranded its service to “Tez” and launched with a custom option of linking bank accounts for withdrawal, transfer, and payments in India. A solution like that can work in Pakistan. But for the launch, there are legalities, infrastructure, and language barrier issues to be resolved.

Yesterday’s flashy news popups reminded us of how similar news around the launch of PayPal appears in our timelines after every two-three months but nothing substantial happens.

So, similarly, for the launch of Google Pay services, don’t get your hope high for seeing the services in the next few months. The services will release but at their due time in Pakistan.

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