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Google Is Adding Free, Ad-Supported Movies To YouTube

by Sadia Liaqat
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Google is adding free, ad-supported movies to YouTube

Google is quite added other functionalities to YouTube which allows its clients to watch different movies for free.

The feature, which conclusively supported with an advertisement, allows users to watch full movies for free.YouTube has added as much as 100 promotion supported Hollywood movies another report from AdAge states. There are many more movies that have been added to the free catalog and the list “Rocky”, “The Terminator,” “Zookeeper,” and “Agent Cody Banks.

“We saw this opportunity based on users request, in the past just offering paid movies. Would we be able to do promotion supported films, allowed to the users?” Rohit Dhawan, the Director of Product Management at YouTube was cited as saying. “It also presents a nice opportunity for sponsors.”

It must be noted here that, previously, Google offered the option of gaining access to movies by paying for it yet the free option was never provided. now, the option is accessible for the select users and isn’t supported in Pakistan. When Google develops this services, we can expect to see this luxury being rolled out to the Pakistani customers as well.

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