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Google I/O event held in Islamabad to expose students to new technologies

by Sadia Liaqat
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The Google Developers Group (GDG) sorted out a Google I/O Extended occasion in the National Incubation Center in Islamabad on 27th July 2018. The occasion was gone to by many people. A huge lion’s share of the participants were students who needed to find out about the impact of innovation on the lives of individuals. The occasion was supported by different organizations, including TeamUp, Telemart, and EMUMBA and so forth. The occasion spun around discourses about the part of innovation in our regular daily existences among a large group of different exercises.

The group of onlookers was tended to by various persuasive people of the Pakistani tech industry, including the CEO of ANZEN, Mr. Erishan Anwar, who conversed with the gathering of people about Machine Learning. The whole group of onlookers was stunned when Mr. Anwar recorded points of interest of how Machine Learning can empower a PC framework to remove information and utilize it to foresee the following stages. To fortify his discussion, he additionally clarified how the forecast capacity of a PC can help it in reworking a whole book in the wake of examining it once – that too with no issues and defects. He at that point authorized how his organization, ANZEN, is functioning in the field of Artificial Intelligence to create frameworks that can play out a few assignments with no requirement for manual (client) input.

Dr. Yasir, a Professor at the National University of Science and Technology (NUST, Islamabad grounds) assist proceeded with the discussion on Artificial Intelligence by educating the gathering of people regarding ongoing advancements in the field of mechanical autonomy. He acquainted the gathering of people with two associations that are working in the field of mechanical autonomy in the nation, specifically the Robotics and Intelligence Systems Engineering (RISE) Lab of NUST and the National Center of Artificial Intelligence (NCAI). He educated members around a couple of the ventures of the previously mentioned associations, which incorporated an Intelligent Wheelchair with semi-self-governing controlling help and a prosthetic leg for impeded people. Dr. Yasir underscored the therapeutic usage of these activities, expressing how the said ventures can be imperative in altering the medicinal business of the nation.

An arrangement of different talks were led by tech influencers also, which enamored the group of onlookers to shoot a progression of inquiries at the speakers in an offer to clear up their ambiguities and to additionally extricate learning from them.

A keynote address on the results of Google was given later on, which saw clients being acquainted with an arrangement of new highlights of Google. These included Duplex, Google’s new AI Personal Assistant that can make sense of a client’s inclinations in light of his activities. Google’s refreshed News application was conveyed to the spotlight also by educating the group of onlookers about how the new application utilizes AI to order news and to display significant news to a client in light of his inclinations. Last, the up and coming Android P was acquainted with people in general. Android P is the following emphasis of the Android Operating System and is presently in its Beta program arrange. It is relied upon to take off to the general population in the coming weeks.

One noteworthy feature of the Google I/O Extended occasion was its Hiring Challenge. One of the gravest issues show in the nation today is joblessness and considering the way that over 65% of Pakistan’s populace is the adolescent, such Challenges are invited with extraordinary energy. Organizations from the nation over partook in the Challenge, informing the members concerning open billets in their organizations alongside the aptitudes they looked for in the individual intending to fill the particular billets. Members excitedly gave their CVs around, which were surveyed by the organizations’ staff, who additionally met the members on the spot in an offer to evaluate their capacities.

With everything taken into account, it can be securely said that the occasion has been an enormous achievement. Members became acquainted with a great deal and the coordinators got an opportunity to dispatch learning to the young of the nation. Win-win, correct?

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