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by Mehwish Agha
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Google glass is explorer edition is more important than people realize basically there will evolution in software and hardware before actual consumer addition is created the explorer edition is limited addition early version for people willing to go out and explorer and give feedback about google glass. It fits on your face like a regular pair of glasses but it has no actual lenses or regular glass. The google glass has every smartphone inside. It can’t connect by data bytes it can be connected by Wi-Fi and Bluetooth with your android phone named by my Glass app.

You can do 7 things with this google glass

  1. Take a picture
  2. Record a video
  3. Get directions
  4. Send messages
  5. Phone calls
  6. Google+ Hangouts
  7. Google

Basics of how to use glass:

This is your touchpad its run from temple to your ear Tap the touchpad to wakeup glass. You should see the display above your line of sight. Adjust it to see everything, the home screen shows the clock. This is your timeline it’s a row of cards. Things to the left happening now and coming up like the weather, an upcoming flight or event in your calendar. You can tap on any card to see more, swipe down anyway to go back to the timeline.

Cards to the right of the home screen are from the past, for example, messages, videos or photos Tap on the photo to share it and choose one of your friends, swipe down to go to the standby.

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