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Gatekeeper Halberd

by Ossama Masood
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Gatekeeper Halberd

Gatekeeper is a wireless key fob that inevitably locks your computer when you move aside from your desk. When you get back to your desk gatekeeper will have unlocked a PC by the time you sat down.  By the gatekeeper your computer is never left unlocked.

You don’t have to waste any valuable time in connecting and unlocking your pc. When you go aside from your PC there’s nothing to stop a colleague helping themselves. With Gatekeeper halberd, the PC will lock as soon as moving your desk.  Using gatekeeper couldn’t be easier simply putting the included battery and download the software pair the dongle and you are set to go.

There are three unlock modes:

Login automatically

When set automatic; gatekeeper will unlock your pc within a customizable range anyplace from 3 to 30 feet. This mode is beneficial for people such as item professionals who are frequently leaving and returning to those workstations providing security without wasting precious time.

Touch to log in

When in this mode gatekeeper requires the user to tap gatekeeper against. The Bluetooth receiver in order to unfasten the PC. This mode ensures that only the person with the key fob can access a PC even if the gatekeeper is in range.

Log in using gatekeeper and pin

It requires the user password to enter alongside the presence of the gatekeeper before the PC can be unlocked. This two-factor login option is the most secure as it adds the second layer security to log in. This is ideal for use hospitals and health management facilities by doctor and nurses or any other corporation that needs to protect confidential data.

What happens if you lose your gatekeeper? Thankfully, the gatekeeper also has the functions as Bluetooth tracker so you can find it and your keys with the gatekeeper app on your phone. This works while you are within 30 feet of gatekeeper providing it’s not connected to your PC. When located gatekeeper chime and the app will give you an idea of how far away the key fob is too.

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