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Futuristic, sensor-enhancing ZOZOSUIT cutters Perfect fitting clothing

by Sadia Liaqat
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It’s an ideal opportunity to state farewell to standard sizes and make proper acquaintance with consummate fitting attire because of the progressive ‘ZOZOSUIT’. as the fitting room without bounds, the fashion technology enhances licensed sensor innovation to catch 15,000 estimations and guarantee things are custom-made to your one of a kind body. propelled in japan and the US, the wearable technology claims to be ‘the world’s first internet business encounter’.

the wearer’s body estimations are adjusted to their cell phone by means of bluetooth

all pictures cordiality of ZOZOSUIT

‘at ZOZO, we think garments should begin with a man not a size,’ clarifies the brand. ‘so we made ZOZOSUIT prepared to do definitely estimating your body.’

whenever worn, the ‘ZOZOSUIT’ by ZOZOTOWN right away measures your body measurements through inherent adaptive sensors. while wearing the best, base or both pieces, the client can hold their cell phone over the suit with the goal that information is exchanged by means of bluetooth. with their correct estimations, the client would then be able to shop on the web and from that point onwards, buy garments that fit them splendidly.

the 15,000 sensor-improving body suit can be worn in two pieces: best and base

The ideal fitting attire can be then acquired and requested on the web.

ZOZOSUIT is said to be the fitting room without bounds.

Source: Designboom

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