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France to remove Minister of Telegram, WhatsApp on security fear

by Sadia Liaqat
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The French government has said it intends to transport to the use of its very own encrypted messaging service this summer time, over issues of the risks that foreign entities should secret agent on officials the usage of famous encrypted apps together with Telegram and WhatsApp.

Reuters reports that ministers are concerned about the use of foreignconstructed encrypted apps which do no longer have servers in France. “We need to find a manner to have an encrypted messaging carrier that isn’t encrypted with the aid of the USA or Russia,” a digital ministry spokeswoman advised the news business enterprise. “You begin considering the capacity breaches that would show up, as we noticed with Facebook, so we should take the lead.”

Telegram’s founder, Pavel Durov, is Russian, although the entrepreneur lives in exile and his messaging app has just been blocked in his domestic united states after the company refused to hand over encryption keys to the government.

WhatsApp, which (not like Telegram) is end-to-stop encrypted across its whole platform — using the respected and open sourced sign  Protocol — is however owned by using U.S. tech giant Facebook,  and evolved out of the U.S. (as a signal also is).

Its determine agency is presently embroiled in a predominant records misuse scandal after it emerged that tens of millions of Facebook users’ statistics become passed to an arguably political consultancy without their information or consent.

The ministry spokeswoman said approximately 20 officers and top civil servants inside the French government are testing the brand new messaging app, with the purpose of its use turning into obligatory for the complete government by the summer time.

it could additionally ultimately be made available to all residents, she brought.

Reuters reports the spokeswoman additionally stated a nationemployed developer has designed the app, the use unfastened-to-use code available for download online (which possibly means it’s primarily based on open supply software) — despite the fact that she declined to name the code getting used or the messaging service.

past due final week, ZDNet also reported the French authorities wanted to replace its use of apps like Telegram — which president Emmanuel Macron is seemingly a large fan of.

It quoted Mounir Mahjoubi, France’s secretary of the nation for virtualannouncing: “we are working on public secure messaging, for you to no longer be depending on private offers.”

The French government reportedly already makes use of a few secure messaging merchandises constructed via defense group and IT dealer Thales. On its internet site Thales lists a castle instant messaging cellphone app — which it describes as “depended on messaging for specialists”, announcing it gives “the same recognisable capability and value as most customer messaging apps” with “cozy messaging services on a telephone or computer, plus a host of associated capabilitiesinclusive of cease-to-cease encrypted voice calls and file sharing”.

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