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Effective Strategies For Successful Blog Content In Any Industry

by Sadia Liaqat
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Blogging is considered as a potent element of Marketing Strategy which can escalate the viewer’s traffic, generate leads & ultimately create a sustainable competitive edge. Those who ignore this element are missing out on an excellent opportunity for higher conversions and greater ROI.

In fact, marketers who give importance to blogging are 13 times more likely to see positive ROI, HubSpot reports. Reports also show that blogging help generates 67% more leads for B2B marketers.

For developing a high-converting blog post, you need to adopt below-mentioned strategies which can help you to create high quality and engaging content.


Knowing your target audience is a must before start writing content. For example, if a company is providing software solutions to clients, then it must post blogs related to latest IT Technologies, software reviews etc. The content of the blog must be relevant to your target audience.


Unique & noteworthy title is a great strategy to get your blog stand out. As a product, the packaging is equally important as the product itself. Similarly, a striking title will get the attention of your audience which will increase the viewer’s traffic.


The most imperative commodity in our tech-driven world is Time. Try to deliver your message by using fewer words so that readers can get value for their time spent.

Your audience will go away if you keep on posting big walls of text. The format of your content must be broken into smaller paragraphs with appropriate spacing. Use bullets and numbers for listing your points. Keep the headings bold which can help the reader to find a section of their interest quickly. If you don’t follow these simple rules, your audience will go somewhere else.


By adding 5 – 10 keyword into your content can help the search engine understand what your content is all about. You need to spend some period finding out which keywords they type into the search engine and then you can include those keywords in your article.


Try to show your content using infographics which are considered as a fascinating tool to catch your audience attention. Along with infographics, you can add content like videos, images, and GIFs.

According to Buffer, articles will get 94% more total views, if relevant visuals are used in the article.


List 5 – 10 of your closest competitors and conduct a content audit of your competitors. If they are ranking higher than you for decisive keywords, then try to write better content using those keywords.


Blogging once or twice a week is like not blogging at all. It’s a simple calculation: the more you post, chances are your blog will be more successful.

Blogging once a day is best practice and if you have a good idea for a post, write the content and post it instantly.

One of the famous Dan Poynter quotes says ‘If you wait for inspiration to write you’re not a writer, you’re a waiter. ‘ 

Similarly, in modern sayings, you can say that ‘If you don’t follow a blogging schedule, you are not a blogger. ‘ 


Nobody is perfect in this world and humans tend to make mistakes. Proofread your articles to avoid typo mistakes. Check all commas, apostrophe, capital letter and spelling mistakes. Proofread twice so that you can minimize grammar and spelling mistakes.


You can post your blog content on various platforms like social media, making a SlideShare using content, facts, and figures from your post, splitting the blog post as e-mail thread to your audience with links to your blog.

You can also use inbound marketing tactics for promoting your blog post but for this purpose you need to focus on key influencers in your industry who have command in their respective field and they can provide access to influential resources.

Make a list of influential people in your industry and try to read their blogs. Comment on those blogs and share it. If they have a book, read and review it, and bigheartedly promote it to your network.


You need to identify exactly who will executive your strategy. There are lots of moving parts for which you need to create ownership. You can assign multiple responsibilities to a person but it depends on the size and skills of your marketing team. Responsibilities include

Keyword Search o Copywriting o Editing

Facts and examples research o Promotion


One of the important facet marketers and bloggers forget is measuring content marketing ROI. By using the right metrics you can measure your content marketing strategy. For example, how many times your blog was shared is not the right way to measure. Instead, measure how many strangers converted into visitors and then into leads.


The above-mentioned strategies will surely help you to create an effective content marketing strategy but quality and consistency of your content will determine the success. Stick to your plan which you have developed. Initially, results might be slow but in the longer run, it will surely deliver the best ROI.

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