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EchoGear’s 3-monitor mount lets you set up and set up comfortably

by Ossama Masood
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Echogear’s 3-monitor mount is a breeze to set up and adjust

Echogear is a show mounting organization that is endeavoring to expand its essence in the gaming market. PC gaming specialists tend to put a lot of cash into taking full advantage of their apparatuses, and that has prompted a spike in the number of gaming consoles, USB mouthpieces, webcams, and other fringe items. That has additionally prompted development in these spaces, and I surmise that Echogear could start something comparative for PC screen mounts.

I’ve spent the most recent few weeks with the Echogear Triple Monitor Desk Mount, which is shipping now for $150. It includes a solid, clasp style outline that can bolster up to three shows between 10 inches and 24 creeps in the estimate. When I could find three screens for testing, I was astonished at how simple the Echogear mount was to set up. The contraption makes it easy to arrange each screen for that fold over sensation.

Also, obviously, the mount has spared a portion of my work area space, which may make it worth $150 alone.

What you’ll like

Simple to amass and to anchor

As a three-screen mount, the Echogear is fundamentally vast and substantial when it arrives. That is a result of the aluminum parts that make up the vertical stand and the mounting spine. Getting these pieces into put is a basic procedure. You simply need to put the clasp on the back of your work area, embed and secure the stand, and after that slide the spine into put.

Echogear ships the mount with all that you require aside from a standard screwdriver, and I was stunned when I completed the process of building 10 minutes after I began. I was additionally content with substantial look and feel of the last item. The mount never wobbles because of the great brace, and amongst that and the aluminum, I never stressed that the Echogear gadget drop my screens.

Easy to change with extraordinary link administration.

You’ll require screens with VESA-agreeable mounting sections on the back. In the event that you have that, getting them introduced onto the Echogear is a breeze. When they are altogether snared, you can begin the fun procedure of setting the tallness, and modifying the point and situating to best fit your setup.

Furthermore, this is the place the Echogear sparkles. On the unit where the screens meet the mount, you will discover two substantial dials. One locks or potentially slackens the cone-like gadget that empowers you to move the edge and situating of the screen. Fix this dial 100 percent, and you will secure the screen’s point. Slacken it a tad, and you can move it gradually, turn it on its side for a vertical introduction, and afterward alter it back later when you prepare to jump into your pilot test program. The Echogear does everything to make things basic without losing that feeling of sans wobble security.

The second dial, which is simply behind the front dial, empowers you to slide the screen on the spine. What you’ll like need to do here is release each dial only a touch, and after that attempt to get everything masterminded one next to the other at the right point. This mount makes that procedure simple, and you can tinker with it during your time without breaking out any apparatuses or feel like it’s a lot of work to return to your default position.

What you won’t care for

You won’t have plenty of alternatives about where it fits

The main issue I see is that you likely need to work in reverse from the Echogear mount when setting up your work area. This is an extensive mount, and it’s much bigger when it has the majority of the screens set up, and it will fit where it fits. On the off chance that you had your past presentations set in a corner, well, the Triple Monitor Desk Mount presumably won’t fit in that spot.

For me, I put the mount in the one spot around my work area where it appeared well and good. That just implied I needed to improve everything else. This isn’t precisely an issue with the mount itself, however, recall that you are making more space around your work area by consuming up more room noticeable all around over your work territory. That implies you must think more three-dimensionally with regards to how you set up together your office.


On the off chance that you are running at least two screens on a work area, the amount like this can enable you to recover a ton of your work area space and counteract mess. What the Echogear does specifically keeps the mounting procedure from presenting new cerebral pains. It’s so natural in both the setup and in ordinary utilize that it’s anything but difficult to suggest.

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