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Earth Astro Reality

by Ossama Masood
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Earth Astro Reality

The earth is our home planet where we have been working hard to create a model of earth unlike any other a state of the art model of an intelligent adventure for us to explore like never before we can hold the past, present, and Future in our hands. We see our planet with new eyes and with a new perspective no longer simply. A place that we live we can see our home as a changeable constantly evolving planet.

Along with the artistry, earth utilizes state of the art augmented reality automation to share all the data as you explore in Lauren. We created an app where you can learn all about our planet with augmented visualizations from a range of global topics.

We also gave earth artificial intelligence capabilities you can use your voice to ask questions about our planet that will be answered and displayed in front of you. You can see how animals have migrated over time, weather systems from decades past Mother Nature growing up and falling down, vegetation spreading across continents and meteors impacting our surface eons ago.

There’s so much to learn and explore in your hands. Our planet is always changing and they have created earth to track that change and open it up for you to explore. Using augmented reality in artificial intelligence we have taken that global exploration to new heights.

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