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Compare Apple iPad Pro 9.7 VS. Galaxy Tab S2 9.7

by Ossama Masood
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Compare Apple iPad Pro 9.7 VS. Galaxy Tab S2 9.7

These two tablets are often seen as rivals because they are currently two of the best tablet options put out by the two major competitors but with the apple now releasing the fifth generation iPad it just feels like Samsung is playing catch up for instance.

Build and Design

With the Tab S2, Samsung followed the iPad example jumping down to 9.7-inch display you have noticed the s2 has a nice familiar looking bezel as well with the metallic flair along with a sleek extremely thin design.

The noticeable differences from the iPad is the soft touch backing and flat aluminum siding which both work well to make the tab s2 feel more substantial and expensive overall. Now the iPad is the recognizable and stylish aluminum body is used yet again with a few differences most notable the camera sticks out instead of being flush with the case making the tablet sit on evenly on the table.

The Tab s2 certainly offers a much better grip due to its plastic cover. The sense of security that you get while holding the Tab s2 doesn’t carry over to the silky smooth surface of the iPad which feels like it simply glides out of your hands onto the floor and shattered to a thousand pieces.

Weight and Dimensions

The Ipad pro measure 240mm in height 169.5mm wide and 6.1mm thick and only weighs 437 grams. The s2 measures 237.3mm in height 169mm wide and 5.6mm thick and it only weighs 389 grams. Tab s2 clearly clocks in as the thinner and lighter tablet so the wing goes to the s2 even though the iPad pro by no means is a heavy tablet.


Both tablets have an identical screen size its 9.7 inches for both of these. The screen resolution is 1536 by 2048 pixels and the screen PPI pixels per inches is 364 we also have the same aspect ratio of 4 by 3 and default portray orientation.

Tab s2 has the AMOLED display which produces the rich and vibrant colors and amazing contrast. Ipad pro offers a similarly well calibrated IPS LCD screen, however, the Tab s2 has a slight edge in overall quality that is due to the super AMOLED screen.

Processor, Memory, and storage

The iPad pro has the dual-core 64 bit a 9x chip that is clocked at 2.16 gigahertz with 2 gigabytes of RAM you can get the pro with the starting storage capacity of 32 gigabytes you don’t get SD  card expansion with iPads.

The Tab s2 has an external 7 5433 octa-core processor so we have 8 processing cores the first set of 4 cores are clocked at 1.9 gigahertz and the second set of 4 cores are clocked at 1.4 gigahertz you get 3 gigabytes of RAM and 32 gigabytes of storage for the base model but you can get the SD expansion slot which means you can add up to an additional 128 gigabytes of space using a microSD card.


Ipad pro has a 12-megapixel eyesight camera with flash and this camera is actually on par with the camera you’d define on the iPhone 6s which happens to be world class camera. Tab s2 supports a rear camera of 8 megapixels with no flash. On the iPad pro you can also get some top-notch video recording options you can record 4k at 30 frames per second 1080p at 60 or 30 frames per second and you can record 720p slow-motion video at a staggering 240 frames per second.

The tab s2 offers a 1080p at 30 frames per second as for the front-facing camera they are only good for video conferencing.


Both the tablets have approximately 10 hours of battery life assuming a healthy mixture of watching movies, listening to music and browsing the web.

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