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Apple Watch series 2

by Ossama Masood
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Apple Watch series 2

The launch of the series 2 apple focused on health and fitness adding a GPS module and a quantity of other features to exactly track physical activity without the need to connect the iPhone.

Apple watches series 2 is waterproof and offers a wide range of monitoring in both water and ground. You could go down 50 meters it has 50 meters resistance perfect for swimming in the pool though they don’t recommend scuba diving.

The equipment is equipped with a pulse meter, accelerometer, gyroscope and light sensor. The gadget can work autonomously for 18 hours despite the fact that these watches are not the latest in Apple’s line of watches they still deserve our attention

There are two new workouts exclusive to the Apple watch series 2 that is the pool swim and the open water swim. Graphics now are twice as fast as they were in the last generation Apple watch a lot of improvements here whether you are doing things like playing games and checking out the sky with new night sky 4 on the Apple watch so things are a lot smoother a lot faster.

Apple watch series 2 have a new taptic engine it basically has some little bit better and a little bit harder and it is more accurate.  Apple has an 18-hour battery life which is great perfect fine. The battery actually is longer because it has a built-in GPS if you don’t use that GPS really for anything you will get a little bit more battery life out of your Apple Watch.

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