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Apple Releases iOS 15.5 Ahead of Annual Developer Conference

Apple has launched iOS 15.5 ahead of the Annual Developer Conference. The latest version of the iPhone operating system has many features circling around the regulations and some of them are also beneficial for customers. Many of the changes are smaller tweaks and most of the updates are laying ground toward greater change in the future. 

Even a few updates are enough to make big changes and Apple knows it. That’s why the iOS 15.5 launched earlier than the WWDC 2022. Apple has brought lots of changes and updates in its iOS 15.5 such as including a pair of buttons to the Wallet App, Podcasts app, and fixes for bugs. Let’s have a bird’s-eye view of what updates Apple has brought through the latest iPhone operating system. 

How to download iOS 15.5?

On Monday, May 16, Apple released iOS 15.5 across almost most of the Apple devices. To download iOS 15.5, simply go to Settings > General > Software Update > Download and Install. The latest iPhone operating system is about 630 MB.

Apple Cash

The digitization of the world is unprecedented in this era. Apple has made some essential tweaks and updates in iOS 15.5. The most thrilling change in iOS 15.5 is the inclusion of “Request” and “Send” buttons for Apple Cash. These features of the iOS 15.5 have made payment a petri dish for users and can receive or send payment within the blink of an eye. 

Podcast App

Making manual tweaks is always a pain in the neck and no customer would favor such a feature. iPhone storage is one of the most important things and not a single customer would like to see it filled up with frivolous and old episodes. Apple has made a major tweak in the Podcast app that will delete the old episodes automatically once you set the limit to storage. So, iOS 15.5 allows you to change the settings in your podcast app with little trouble. 

iTunes Pass renamed Apple Balance

iOS 15.5 besides bringing updates and changes in the software has brought some unique updates as well. iTunes Pass is renamed Apple Balance in iOS 15.5. There’s now a separate card in Apple Wallet for Apple balance. 

Sensitive locations in Photo Memories

Life is full of difficulties, and Apple has not even ignored it. iOS 15.5 tweaks the Memories function of photos. It won’t recommend memories from sensitive locations as it can trigger some gloomy and doleful memories. 

Updates for macOS

Besides changes and updates in iOS, Apple has also launched some updates for macOS. Apple has included a fix for Apple’s Studio Display monitor’s poor webcam quality. The update for macOS would reduce the noise and boost the color accuracy. The webcam performance is still subpar however, some improvements are praiseworthy. 

Official note of iOS 15.5 from Apple

Apple’s iOS 15.5 will enhance the features of Apple Cash, Apple Podcasts, and much more. 

iOS 15.5 includes the following improvements and bug fixes:

  • Customers can now send or receive money through their Apple Cash card using Wallet. 
  • Apple Podcasts will automatically delete the old podcasts to provide you with more empty storage to use for better purposes. 
  • Fix issues where the iPhone SE (3rd gen) may unexpectedly shut down. 

Still, some features may not be available to all the places and regions and on all devices. You can read the information on the security content of Apple software updates on the official Apple Website

Wrap up

Apple released iOS 15.5 ahead of the annual developer conference. These updates could be the last updates in iOS 15 as Apple is planning to release the iOS 16 on the upcoming WWDC 2022 on June 6. iOS 15.5 has brought some phenomenal changes in Apple Cash, macOS, the Apple Podcast app, and much more. The upcoming innovative and sophisticated iOS 16 will stun most of the customers.

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