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Apple Patents Facial Recognition Tech To Unlock Cars

by Sadia Liaqat
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Apple's Patented Facial Recognition For Cars

Facial recognition has been around for a long time but does it belong in the software of the cars we drive? A recently uncovered Apple patent may shed some light on this question.

Apple has patented a new biometric unlock feature for cars, including a facial recognition system that will recognize the owner as they approach and unlock the car for them.

Unlocking your car with keys is quick getting to be obsolete. Indeed, even now, you can control your Tesla with only an Apple Watch. With the development of smartphones and the manner in which we use them, unlocking your vehicles presently requires a single tap on your smartphone’s screen.

As exciting as it might be to unlock your vehicle with your cellphone or watch, nothing screams “secure” more than biometrics. And, if Apple’s recently published patent is anything to pass by, we could get it real soon.

Now, you may be wondering why the fuss over biometric security. After all, Hyundai is slated to release a car that has fingerprint unlock later this year.

Take a moment and imagine where you can open your vehicle by just taking a looking at it. That is the thing that Apple is endeavoring to give us; a facial recognition unlocks for vehicles.

Apple’s Patented Facial Recognition For Cars

A recently published patent called “System and Method for Vehicle Authorization” portrays biometric security that enables you to verify your vehicle utilizing Face ID.

Beside from unlocking a vehicle when its client approaches, a FaceID unlocks also makes ready for different client profiles in cars. That implies future vehicles might most likely change the vehicle situate, mirror position, and vehicle temperature dependent on every client’s preference.

Sounds exciting, wouldn’t you say? Try not to hold your breath for a facial recognition unlocks in vehicles yet. It may not occur when we’d need, and here is the reason.

Apple filed the patent as far back as early 2017. That was before the company laid off the 200 employees from Project Titan, its self-driving car division.

In this way, the patent could be a notice of Apple’s attempt at creating an autonomous vehicle. Of course, it could also be a functioning project in Apple research labs.

One thing is for sure, facial recognition is the best way to keep your car secure or is it?

How Secure is Facial Recognition For Vehicles?

With facial recognition, there’s no advising who can access your vehicle. For instance, when a similar innovation was first appended to the iPhone, it turned into a route for law enforcement agencies to bypass passwords.

Face ID attached to a vehicle could ultimately make you choose between privacy and convenience. Since there’s no indication that the technology is coming to future cars soon, you may never get to make a choice.

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