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Apple Is Reportedly Working On iPhone XI’s Display May Work Underwater

by Sadia Liaqat
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Even though this year iPhone XI would most likely nor be 5G based nor foldable, there are different things that clients can anticipate. Since the up and coming lineup is apparently going to contain up to of models with a few design changes, chances are that Apple will work on improving the existing features. One of those is clearly water resistance, as the Cupertino giant will apparently include an underwater mode in its future gadgets.

A developer named Max Weinbach has recently provided intriguing information regarding upcoming iPhones on EverythingApplePro. Weinbach claims that Apple has been working at iPhone models with a next-gen Taptic Engine with “directional precision.”  Such details must always be taken with a grain of salt, however, Weinbach believes that it will enable users to feel vibrations from various parts of the screen.

For example, you should visualize tapping a button on the upper right-hand quadrant of the telephone and feeling a going with vibration from that exact area as well. How cool this would be? Most importantly, this won’t be a distinct advantage but this specific rumor is somewhat interesting.

Previously, rumors have recommended that upcoming iPhones will include updated 3D facial recognition system. Meanwhile, the reports of larger battery, wireless charging and the consideration of triple lens camera setup in the iPhone XI Max are also being cited.

Few rumors also insight that the upcoming iPhones won’t have a 3D touch feature and the boring notched display. Rather, the organization will pursue interest like all other Android-powered phone makers and will most likely produce U-shaped display in upcoming iPhones. This is all we have heard about the upcoming iPhones and we again advise you take everything with a pinch of salt.

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