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Apple manufactures medical clinics to offer employees health and test products

by Sadia Liaqat
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Apple is getting ready to open medicinal facilities to give human services to its representatives and their families in Cupertino this spring, as per another report by CNBC. The tech organization has propelled a website for the facilities, which will work under the name AC Wellness. As of now, Apple has one Wellness Center in its central command in Cupertino that utilizes a bunch of specialists, chiropractors, dietitians, and physical advisors.

As per CNBC, there will be two centers in Santa Clara County, and AC Wellness has as of now posted job listings for essential and intense care doctors, nurture professionals, phlebotomists, and an activity mentor. Apple is additionally searching for clinical program creators that can make projects to help anticipate sickness and advance solid ways of life for its representatives.

Apple will likewise utilize the new centers to test its wellbeing related items and administrations, as per the report. This could conceivably prompt issues if Apple depends too vigorously on testing finished by its own workers, which are still largely white and male, and don’t precisely mirror the US populace. As of late Apple has launched a think about with Stanford University to recognize sporadic heart rhythms with the Apple Watch’s heart rate sensor, and it’s reportedly working on an EKG reader for future Apple Watch models.

The organization is only the most recent tech monster to get into the human services diversion. Amazon announced last month that it is making a human services organization in association with Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan Chase for the three organizations’ US-based workers and their families.

Source: CNBC

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