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Analysis of Beauty Brands on Instagram

by Mehwish Agha
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As you begin on Instagram, key inquiries like how frequently you should post and what number of hashtags you should utilize may abandon you confused, given the scope of clashing counsel accessible on the web.

To give some more conclusive, information sponsored answers to such inquiries, I examined 29k posts from the main 75 US Instagram excellence represents the primary portion of 2018 by utilizing Socialinsider.

And keeping in mind that the information here is industry-particular, it might give you a superior thought of what’s working, and where you should begin with your Instagram experimentation.

Here is a portion of the key discoveries:

The normal commitment rate per post for US Instagram excellence accounts is 0.93%. With regards to commitment rates, most magnificence accounts with an impressive group of onlookers fail to meet expectations.

Overall, these records post 2.04 posts for every day.

Magnificence accounts are utilizing 2.07 hashtags per post. Abusing the hashtags does not expand commitment rates.

Look at the infographic underneath for a full review of the discoveries

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