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Amazon founder Jeff Bezos takes robotic dog for a walk

by Ramsha Shuaib
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Amazon founder Jeff Bezos takes a robot dog for a walk

Jeff Bezos is unquestionably a sci-fi fan. Working that Tony Stark brand, Amazon’s very rich person organizer swaggered down away close by a robot pooch at the organizations. MARS gathering on Monday at the Parker Hotel in Palm Springs, California.

The welcome just assembling of mechanical technology organizations and scholastics, first held in 2016, centers around machine learning, robotization, apply autonomy and space investigation.

Bezos, an uncommon tweeter, posted the photo on his Twitter record to his 480,000 adherents.

The pooch’s name is SpotMini and it would seem that the executioner robot puppies in the “Metalhead” scene of “Dark Mirror”. An ongoing video from creator Boston Dynamics demonstrated a stepped-up SpotMini utilizing an extendable arm to open a shut entryway. Presently all it needs is an opening to embed its murder weapon of decision.

Bezos’ robot love was caught in another tweet in which he plays the jug flip amusement with a robot.

Bezos has been flaunting his robot companions since a year ago’s meeting, where he steered a 13-foot-tall robot called Method-2. Made by South Korean organization Hankook Mirae. Fortunately, that adorable “Pacific Rim”- type mammoth was more for appearance than work.

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