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Amazing supercomputer Parallela

by Mehwish Agha
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Andreas Olson the founder of Ateva his goal is to make parallel computing accessible to everyone so far we have the backing over 2000 developers but Parallela is not just programmers so today we have to show you how parallel ax used to turn your TV into a real computer.

Parallel ax will be a $99 credit card sized version of this computer which includes dual-core arm HDMI Ethernet USB and a powerful Epiphany accelerator it’s and platform which means you free to install any software you like.

How to use parallel :

The parallel ax boot from standard SD card turn it on the plug into the TV’s HDMI port and flip the switch.

Pick up your wireless keyboard sit down on the couch and start surfing.

Parallel runs buns so you can access to thousands of free software packages, You can stream video and music play movies access to cloud storage write emails and really do all the thing you would do with a regular computer.

This is all just a beginning Once developers start writing the parallel program for the Epiphany the possibilities are endless with your $99 pledge to help make parallel possible and you will get a great computer

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