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After making it worse, Amazon has plans to fix Comixology

It still has a long way to go

Approximately four months after Amazon incorporated Comixology into the Kindle app and kind of broke both in the process, it has outlined a number of plans to fix things. io9 noted that a thread was posted to the Comixology account on Twitter yesterday.

“We understand that the current experience needs improvements, and want you to know that we’re working hard to get those out the door as quickly as possible,” the eleven-tweet thread begins.

We (okay, me) wrote about how fundamentally broken the app was back in May. Some of the most annoying issues include getting non-comic results when searching for comics and comics appearing in your Kindle reading list with no way to filter them out. The thread claims it is looking into the former issue and that “you will soon be able to filter your library in the Kindle app.”

It also says that there will be a beta version of the web-reading experience that will bring back the double-page spread — a crucial kind of art layout in comics — and that there will be a new section that shows all the weekly comic releases in alphabetical order by title.

If those sound like features that should have always been there and would be absolutely thunderously goofy to remove, you are correct. They are, but they both went away after Amazon merged the digital comics application with its much more widely used ebook application.

It’s not clear why the merging of the two apps resulted in the loss of so many necessary features for reading comics, but it is deeply frustrating as Comixology is currently the only service available if you want to purchase digital comics piecemeal from a wide variety of publishers, including DC Comics.

Original Source: “After making it worse, Amazon has plans to fix Comixology”, The Verge, June 16 , 2022

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