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8 Ways to Bring Innovation into Your Organization

by Ossama Masood
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8 Ways to Bring Innovation into Your Organization

Innovation is essential for the growth of any company. But that’s a very generic way of describing innovation. To successfully implement innovation, you need to know exactly what makes an innovative organization as well as how it contributes to its growth.

1. Give your workers a sense of freedom

Employers that apply rules move to suffocate the creativity of their employees. This limits the freedom of your most valuable resources and they will feel hesitant to ever think outside the box. The spirit of an innovative organization lies in their employees’ ability to contribute to the creative process of the organization. As a company, you have to give your workers the sense of freedom to practice their innovative ideas.

2. Provide your team with the resources to implement innovative ideas

It’s your responsibility that how you convince your workers to convert their ideas into reality. Without good assets, even the best ideas move to fall flat.  The most original and creative companies in the world invest in their R & D department to allow their creative team to implement the creative concepts for future product development. Samsung is one of the leading competitors in the list of the most advanced organizations having invested $12.6 billion in the last twelve months into its R & D department.

3. Invest your time in the creative nourishment of your workers

The spirit of innovation is achieved when you are able to show to your workers a path that leads to creativity. Don’t just address to your team the importance of creativity.  Rather show the specific ways to find creativity so that they can implement innovation in their work. You can dedicate a day to motivate your workers to experiment with new ideas. Similarly, you can manage weekly workshops to encourage your employees to brainstorm ideas for an upcoming project.


4. Don’t focus only on R&D 

As an organization, you should not intern innovation to just the R&D department. To implement a successful innovative culture, it is important that each and every department of your company is included. When you execute a holistic creative plan, you are able to encourage every single member of the team.

5. Allow your employees a chance to fail

Failure is a part of learning process. If you punish your employees for making mistake, it means you insert in them fear of failure. This kind of strategy extremely affects their ability to come up with innovative ideas. Fear cannot raise creativity. When you allow your employees to make a mistake, it means you are allowing thinking independently and giving them to chance thinks some innovative ideas. So they are allowed to think above the boundaries of their job.

6. Develop an accommodating leadership style

As the head of a company, it is your responsibility to encourage and bring up the attitudes of your individual team members. Being a leader, if you fail to show them the way to innovation through your own attitude and behavior, then you cannot evolve a culture of innovation into their employees.

You are expecting more in a less time from your workers, it means you are killing their desires to do something extraordinary and innovative. If you want long term benefits and short term result from your employees, it means you are not encouraging them and you will kill their innovative spirit.

Instead of utilize to a ‘do more’ approach, you have to give them a proper room where they can implement and learn so that they can improve their ideas.

7. Don’t look down on your subordinates

Conceptual affectation is the biggest opponent of implementing innovation into any organization. When you ignore the ideas of your employees just because they are your junior, it means you retard the process of creative thinking in them. Such an organization cannot possibly flourish on the creative ideas of their workers. If you want to promote a culture of innovation, you and your leadership team have to close any biased concept about your employees and allowing them to speak independently. You have to encourage them to share their ideas and be a part of every innovative process in a business.

8. Acknowledge the contribution of your employees

Employees feel special when you accept their efforts. Similarly, if you want to promote a culture of innovation in your organization, you have to apply a motivational policy that rewards workers on the degree of innovation in their work.

Innovation provides a culture of creative thinking that enables your workers to think beyond the regular barrier of their work and come up with something new and unique.


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