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7 big IT giants blocking Russia users during lethal war 2022

Russia and Ukraine war breakout has led many IT giants to shut down their ties with Russia. As the soaring war has impacted the world with its dire consequences, these initiatives were taken to combat the current Russia and Ukraine lethal war crisis. Many eminent figures in the tech world have cut off their brands and digital services to Russian and Russian Users. 

We have jotted down some of the companies that are seconding the sanctions imposed on Russia to support Ukraine and Ukraine currency.

1- Apple endorses the sanctions imposed on Russia

In the wake of the Russia Ukraine war , Apple proclaimed to cut down its product supply to Russia on an immediate basis. Apple fully endorses the sanctions imposed on Russia by the UK. Apple has extended further to limit the use of Apple Pay (mobile payment service) for Russia based users. Russia based product Sputnik cannot be accessed outside Russia.

2- Google in full support of Ukraine to combat Ukraine death toll

As the russian war with ukraine has taken toll, Google has been very active in implementing the necessary steps to curb the ongoing crisis, it has erased all Russian funded media platforms from its google news and news features including RT.

Russia will not be able to monetize its advertisements any further on Google ads. To peter out the current scenario by imposing pressure on the Russian government, Google has also limited Russian media to utilize Google tools and placing advertisements on Gmail. 

3- Meta blocks Russia from all its platform

In the wake of this lethal Russia Ukraine war, Meta has limited the access of all platforms like Facebook, Instagram and whats app to Russian RT and Sputnik in the European Union.

4- YouTube pauses its services in Russia

To completely support Ukraine, Russian media channels are paused on Google video sharing and other social media platforms to make a fortune by running ads on videos.

5- TikTok to suspend Russian media accounts

One the most renown and widely used social media apps TikTok has restricted every russia users of Russian media accounts like Sputnik in the European Union.

Not only this but TikTok has also disqualified Russia from live streaming its services and content uploads from Russia.

6- Netflix says goodbye to Russia on live streaming

Netflix has fully suspended its live streaming services in Russia. A TV channel named channel one cannot go live on a live streaming channel. Many other channels have also refused to go online.

7- (MIT) an educational organisation also in full support to Ukraine

The Massachusetts institute of Technology (MIT) , one of the best institutes of Technology has also put its relation on halt with Russian Skolkovo institute of science and technology.

Even though the tech industry has taken fierce steps against Russia and has pushed back against Russia, is it really going to mitigate the problems arising from this fatal war? 

The war is not restricted to Russia and Ukraine only, but it has global economic ramifications, the oil price has already surged to its extreme limit worldwide, and world economies have also plunged, so it is imperative that both the countries should have peace talks instead of pitting oneself against each other.  

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