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3 Crucial Skills for a Software Developer in 2022

If you’ve been working in the software industry for a while and are wondering what makes a successful programmer, read on. What skills should a programmer acquire in 2022 to improve as a developer? What should computer science graduates know before entering the software development and programming fields?

These are mainly recent college graduates and novices who are eager to acquire skills in advance to prepare for their programming job interviews and who now have access to a lot of knowledge owing to the internet.

This includes a programming language like C++ or Java, crucial tools like Git, Docker, Kubernetes, and containers in general, cloud computing concepts and platforms like AWS, GCP, and Microsoft Azure, and timeless skills like SQL and UNIX. Editors like Eclipse or Visual Studio Code, text editors like VIM and NotePad++, and other software are also included.

The list of abilities a programmer should possess is by no means comprehensive, but it gives you a solid place to start. These are things you can study and develop if you want to pursue a career in software development and are seeking a programming job in order to keep one step ahead of the competition.

Here is a list of abilities that, in my opinion, any programmer, regardless of the type of work they do, should possess. These are vital abilities that will benefit you for a very long time. You will benefit from any time, money, and effort you put into this over the course of your career.

Algorithms and Data Structures

Data structures and algorithms are essential knowledge to have if you want to work as a programmer; there is no way around it. Without your knowledge of fundamental data structures like an array, linked list, map, or set, it is impossible to create a practical application. This is one of the key questions for every programming job interview.

Because of this, every programmer should make a concerted effort to master data structures and algorithms during their computer science education.

If you are a self-taught programmer, you must also be familiar with data structures and algorithms. In fact, many programming boot camps teach these concepts first. If you’re looking for a course, I highly suggest Tim Buchalaka’s Data Structures and Algorithms: Deep Dive Using Java course on Udemy.


Every programmer, software engineer, data scientist, and even project manager in 2022, in my opinion, ought to be familiar with containers and software like Docker and Kubernetes. It is already established that containers like Docker make the deployment process simpler, in addition to assisting developers in testing their applications in a unified environment.

Docker allows you to easily deploy your application together with all of its dependencies in a single step and offers process separation. Similar to this, Kubernetes, a platform for orchestrating containers, goes a step further and can manage containers for you. 

Due to Kubernetes or K8s’ ability to handle application scalability for you automatically, you can stop worrying about it. Docker and Kubernetes are the most in-demand skills among businesses of all sizes, so if you want to pick up new talent in 2022, I advise you to study them. They will be useful in both your present position and your next one.

Understanding Of Cloud Computing

Along with containers, I believe that everyone working as a software engineer or data scientist in 2022 should become familiar with cloud computing. You will eventually need to deal with cloud-native apps since businesses of all sizes and industries are moving their environments to the cloud for cost savings and improved scalability.

They are also crucial for all of the emerging research in data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence since only the cloud can supply the processing power these resource-hungry models require. 

Learning through cloud systems such as Amazon Web Service (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), or Microsoft Azure will put you one step ahead of your rivals in both your present position and the one after that. You don’t have to study them all; in fact, learning one will give you a good idea of the others.


Please feel free to make suggestions if you believe I have overlooked a vital skill that one needs to master in order to succeed as a programmer. I will be pleased to include your suggestion in this post. After all, programming is a process in which we continuously gain new skills.

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