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200 Petaflop Summit Supercomputer is most powerful in all the land

by Ossama Masood
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200 Petaflop Summit Supercomputer is most powerful in all the land

Summit supercomputer; For the last half-decade, the most ground-breaking supercomputers on the planet have been in China. That has changed with the US now the home of the world’s most ground-breaking supercomputer called Summit. This monster of a supercomputer can work at the top execution of 200 petaflops.

200 petaflops are 200 million billion counts for each second. That is a hard number to fold your cerebrum over so MIT Technology Review places it in more point of view. To do that numerous counts by hand each individual on Earth would need to complete a computation each second of consistently for 305 days to crunch a similar measure of information that Summit does in a squint of an eye.

Summit is 60% speedier than the TaihuLight supercomputer and around eight times quicker than Titan. Titan was beforehand the quickest supercomputer in the US. Titan lives at Oak Ridge National Lab, a similar place Summit calls home.

Supercomputers are about more than gloating rights, researchers utilize supercomputers for a wide range of undertakings from planning flying machine to concentrate atomic weapons. Having the speediest supercomputer could give researchers the edge over contending countries. Summit was composed starting from the earliest stage to run AI applications like machine learning and neural systems.

Inside the room loaded with server cupboards that contain Summit live more than 27,000 GPU chips from NVIDIA. The machine likewise has IBM Power9 chips inside planned particularly for AI workloads. Summit can run counts around ten times speedier than Titan utilizing just half more electrical power. Among the tasks planned for Summit is one that is taking a gander at enormous volumes of information to distinguish the connection amongst qualities and malignancy.

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