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This $ 13 app is the best way to protect the things you hide in your MacBook

by Sadia Liaqat
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Your PC is unquestionably home to data you don’t need in the hands of others. It just definitely is. It’s most likely filled to the overflow with bank records, charge card subtle elements, photos of your first feline that you transformed into images, and a huge number of different unmentionables. (Except if you’re a canine individual, at that point please swap for young doggie images.)

On the off chance that you need these things to stay private in 2018, you totally need to play it safe to encode your information as well as can be expected. That is except if you need your humiliating eighth-grade photographs to get presented to the world or your personality stolen (same contrast).

You could simply concoct an excessively convoluted secret key to anchor your gadget, yet that by itself wouldn’t cut it. You could likewise execute Terminal orders, however, who has the ideal opportunity for that?

It’s a simple to-utilize and safeguards method for covering up and encoding your information on your MacBook. Consider it advanced safe for your PC. It gives you the genuine feelings of serenity of realizing that your documents can’t be gotten to by anybody however you.

Ultra-Secure Data Protection

Hider 2 utilizes AES-256 encryption to keep your information protected and sound. It works by changing over your documents into an unimaginable string of content so nobody can understand it. Need to know how anchor it is? It’s NSA-affirmed for securing top-mystery data.

Information Organization

Hider 2 ensures your documents, as well as composes them, so they’re pleasant and clean. It makes utilization of discoverer labels, in-application notes, custom gatherings, and organizers so you won’t experience considerable difficulties monitoring your stuff.


Because your information is covered up doesn’t imply that it ought to be horrendously testing to access should you require it. Hider 2 highlights Global Shortcuts which you can use to bolt and open your records immediately, and Menu Bar Access to enable you to rapidly look for concealed documents.

Ordinarily, Hider 2 for Mac offers for $19.95, yet temporarily, Mashable perusers can get it at a bargain for just $12.99. Do yourself some help, and begin securing your Mac.

Source: Mashable

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