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You do not specifically need to be someone linked to the Computers and Technological industry to search for the best tech sites. Because living in 2021, no one can not underestimate the influence of technology.

The Science and technology industry is probably the fastest moving in the world. Researchers at Brookings estimate that “the digital economy is worth $11.5 trillion globally, equivalent to 15.5 percent of global GDP and has grown two and a half times faster than global GDP over the past 15 years.”

In this era of the high-tech world, unsurprisingly, our lives depend upon technology, and consequently, any news in these fields is extremely important to anyone who does not want to spend his life under a rock.

The significance of tech news can be perceived by the numerous tech news sites available on the web today. There are various pages dedicated solely to report on technological developments in this world.

Review of some of the best tech news site

Today we will review some of the best tech news sites you need to bookmark to up your tech game!


One of my personal favorites, TechCrunch has been providing quality news since 2005. It has always focused on high tech and startup companies and has provided a platform for its Disrupt conferences (bold); an annual technology event hosted in various cities across United States, Europe, and China.

The website has a large and dynamic contributor base making it a great source to dive in the freshest scoops on the most innovative tech.

The site also features detailed reports on the latest tech startups and product launches. It has proven o be a great platform for startups to advertise themselves.

Next up on my list is Cnet.

This site has been around the block for a very long time. It started around 1994 and has not stopped generating brilliance since then.

The unique feature of Cnet is that it has brought consumers unbiased reviews and ratings on consumer tech products. It also features details about prices and specs that consumers love!

What I enjoy the most about Cnet is that they have cumulated various life aspects in one. From Tech to Finance to Home and Cars, you can definitely find something to love here!

  1. is the third most popular and one of the best tech sites on the internet, providing news related to the latest technology trends. It publishes valuable guides related to the latest or upcoming gadgets, science, entertainment, business, and design, etc.

I love that this site is simple and easy to read. It is like you are reading articles from a newspaper!

I am sure most of you might have a rough idea or knowledge about Mashable. It is one of the best tech news sites on the internet that covers the latest technology news, gadgets, gizmos, science, guides, etc.

It also allows you to check out videos related to the latest technology news.

Also, it receives more than twenty million unique visits and has more than six million social media followers.

Halfway through the list is This site concentrates on news about the latest gadgets and consumer electronics.

This site has made it to my list because it incorporates different types of stories, including user reviews, ratings, and new tech deals. They also feature an amazing buyer’s guide that includes picks of the best electronics.

It might come as a great resource when buying gifts for people who love to stay updated with the newest gadgets!

Next up, we have As the name suggests, 9to5mac is a website handling everything around Apple products – from iPhones, mac OS, Apple watches, iPads to accessories compatible with Mac, and much more.

If you are an Apple user or are generally interested in Apple products, this is the right site for you!

As the name suggests, Digital Trends keep you updated with all the trends in the Digital world.

Digital Trends is also considered one of the best tech sites, reviewing the latest computer gaming devices and exciting lifestyle guides. It also covers guides related to music, cars, and photography, etc. They feature the Apple news as well.

Our seventh pick is This tech news site keeps you up to date with the latest technology news, surveys on modern and trending customer technologies, and guidance on buying tech.

They also have an incomparable ‘How To’ section that includes blogs penned to guide customers. For example, there is a blog on “How to clean an instant pot” – which I love, because yes I do have a dirty instant pot that needs cleaning up. mainly focuses on technology, business, political news, and media news. The thing that sets Axios apart is its content.

Axios has been famous for delivering very brief content that can be understood easily and quickly by even a layman. It is great for short attention-spanned readers as they even tell you approximately how much time it will take to read each article.

They also feature Podcasts, making it easier to stay updated on the go.

Last but not least we have on the list. The Verge has a mission to focus and analyze the effect of changes in technology and how it is shaping our lives for the future. They have segments that discuss gadget news with product announcements, videos, and much more.

They also feature a Science and podcast section that makes everything more interesting.

I believe everyone should have a curiosity about technological developments as ultimately, they might improve everyone’s lives for the better. Granted some of the technology news can be too complicated and boring for the layman to enjoy but if the stories are written from a general viewpoint, everyone should be entertained and educated about the latest technology that may one day change the world.

These are my personal favorites to keep a tab on so that I can stay hooked to today’s changing world. Let me know your personal favorites in the comments below, and maybe we can review them for you too. Cheers!

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